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Cody McDowell

Here's My Story

Let’s start from the beginning I was born and raised in the MidWest, I’ve always had a passion for building things. Sure I had Hot Wheels but I spent most my time with Legos, Lincoln Logs, K’Nex, and Erector sets With a description like that you’d think I would have grown up to be an Engineer, I get that from my Mom (Engineer). But for me I chose a different path, see growing up in Nebraska my options were limited – College, Trade School, or Start a Business.

 Everyone dreams of starting a business one day, for me it went down a little different. I’m not really sure if it was my passion that light up or if it was just a really good sales pitch but the first Business Opportunity presented itself to me and I jumped in with both feet. At first it was Great, I was learning a lot about marketing, networking, and meeting really interesting people at these weekly meet ups. Only problem was… NO ONE KNEW HOW TO MARKET! When you surround yourself in a room full of Wantreprenuers the few who find a small level success then leverage that success (big or small) constantly. This was just a recipe for disaster and 6 months later I quit the business. DON’T get me wrong I am all about only failing when you give up, and what I was giving up was a toxic community built on lies and marketing strictly to friends and family. I knew there was a better way to Market and Make Money Online, so once again I set out to find the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY.

Success Never Comes Easy

I went through years of Struggling and learning how to Market Online, using different strategies and techniques. I learned EVERYTHING – DropShipping, Amazon FBA, Day Trading, Real Estate Investing, Private Labeling, Email Marketing, SAAS, MLM, and many others. While I did learn a lot about each I never succeed in the Fields where I took action. I am NOT trying to make an excuse for my failures but I would say the main reasons I failed was 2 things – Shiney Object Syndrome and Lack of Action. 

In 2016 I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy my first Camera, everyone talks about starting a YouTube channel and I was gonna pull through! I made my first video when I traveled to Europe and the video was… Horrible. The audio was distorted, the footage was shakey, and angles were awful. But.. I loved it! I threw it all together using some free editing software and posted it online. I was so excited to have my first “created” video online. Unfortunately I had issues with my Camera (GoPro) during the Europe trip and not only lost majority of my footage, but was unable to transfer video files to my computer. 2 years later I invested in a Canon 80D an took my YouTube journey very serious. Starting out I had no idea what I was doing, EVERYTHING was a huge learning curve. From editing to the basic fundamentals of YouTube I had to do everything on my own. After 3 months of working on my craft I took a few courses on how to Explode my channel, I followed all the training religiously. 6 Months Later I had grown over 10,000 Subscribers strong and continue to Grow!

My Passion

I enjoy long walks on the beach and… Oh Wait this isn’t my dating profile!? In all seriousness I have always had a creative edge, and making content for YouTube helps me scratch that itch. I have been in a number of short films and love the creative process, I try to bring the same process and fundamentals when creating content for my Channel.

I am very Passionate about Health. Most people spend their whole lives chasing Money, and while I have no issue with working towards Wealth, I do have an issue with sacrificing Health for Wealth. The 3 Keys to Life are Health, Wealth, and Happiness. You HAVE to work on all 3 to be happy and find fulfillment in life.

If I can help you achieve your Goals it gives me more than personal satisfaction, it gives me a sense of Fulfillment. I can only help those willing to receive help, if I can I will.

My Goals

My Long Term Goal is to build a 7 figure Brand.

I want to help a Thousand people Achieve Financial Freedom.

Build and Grow a Media Production Studio.

Fight for my Community and Others (Domino Effect)

Find True Happiness in Life.

Achieve Greatness.


Digital Products

In 2019 Cody McDowell sold his first Digital Product online through affiliate marketing. Not long after he created his own Digital Products and was able to get over 70 sells in the first 90 days. With more feedback and stronger focus, Cody McDowell can create better more valuable assets.

Graphic Design

With the desire to make beautiful templates for video content, social posts, and web development Cody McDowell uses Adobe Creative Cloud to create all his graphical designs. Most proficient in Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Light Room, and more.

Content Creation

Cody McDowell created his first video in 2011 to audition to a short film. It wasn't until 2016 he got his first camera (GoPro4) and started recording daily vlogs. 2 years later his first video went up on YouTube and has continued to upload ever since.

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